Two Years in Hibernation... Now - I'm Back!

Guilty – the exact word to call me since I have abandoned my blog for almost more than two years. It’s not that anyone is ever interested to read it that I’m pressured to update it, but I think the genuine message of the ‘act’ of leaving my blog untouched for such a long period of time suggests that I have also ‘abandoned’ my love for writing – and comes with it the connection that I have with myself.
To be downright true, I am torn for how many months already if I am still to keep this simple online space or just throw it away and start all over again.
So why have I not blogged anymore? What exactly happened to me that I’ve lost the spark of weaving words and writing with sense? The truth is – I don’t know. Quite frankly, I’m also surprised that it has been two years since I hit the Publish button.
The past years had been too harsh for me. A break-up, financial downfall and drastic career shift left me so paralyzed. Plus, I always had this idea that I have to write impeccably to consider myself worthy of the cause. Clearly, I wasn’t able to get back on my feet and start writing blog posts instantly. And I did, at some point still consider myself a blogger – pfft. What a shame.
Woe to me who haven’t produced anything on the table for months. Woe to me who haven’t developed my schedule to find enough time for writing. Woe to me and my perfectionist but catastrophic irregularities. I don’t know what happened… but I lost it. I lost the touch, the magic, the words, the writing, the scribbles, the love for English.
I lost it.
But oh!
How convenient it is to say that right now I think I was bitten by a bug that I suddenly wanted to write. But what transformed me? What moved me? What sense in the universe has forced me to get my butt up on a chair again and use the keyboards of my laptop?
Maybe, I blame experience.
For soooo many times I really wanted to just ditch my chopstick lady account and breathe life to a new name. It’s not that I don’t like this blog – it’s just that I think I have outgrown it. I started this blog not really because I want to share things, but because I wanted people to notice me and read my works; maybe- I just wanted to move with the ‘flow.’ But gone are those days. Right now, I wanted this blog to be my thoughts immortalized into words. I want it to have a sense of purpose, to really connect with people, to engage my readers and (if not really be a part of their lives) just be a part of their day.
You may say I'm a dreamer... But I'm not the only one.
You may say I’m a dreamer… but I’m not the only one. Anawangin, Zambales 
And so here I am, adjusting my sails as the wind has changed its course.
And I’m choosing to retain this blog – maybe change its name someday though – but I’m sticking with it right now. Besides, it is the perfect example of my transition from being just another cookie-cutter to being a blogger with a soul.
So, a different blog? Maybe…. or maybe not.

Back to Blogging and Blogger's interface is becoming increasingly unfriendly to users (at least to me) and so now I've decided to go back to the loving arms of my first blogging platform - Blogger. I do hope that this is a really go decision though as most of my posts are in WP!


Depression Anxiety: Which Causes Which?

About Depression Anxiety

There are people who experience both primary Anxiety Disorder and primary depression. This psychological disorder can be referred to as depression anxiety. Basically, physicians distinguish the various types of depression anxiety based upon information extracted from the patient, the particular symptoms that are present, the medical history of the individual and his or her family, and sometimes the sequence of the symptoms (whether depression or anxiety happens first).

 The doctor’s professional decision on whether anxiety or depression or any other disorder is the primary cause of a patient’s difficulty is known as the differential diagnosis. At times, however, arriving at this differential diagnosis is complicated and may require constant evaluation by means of interviews, laboratory exams, and—sometimes—trials of various treatments appropriate for depression and Anxiety Disorders.

depression anxiety
Feeling anxious and depressed? Talk to someone.
Depression and Anxiety are two inter-related terms. It could either be that the former has precipitated the latter or vice versa. Consequently, depression – anxiety potentiate each other’s negative emotional effect on a person.

 Depression Anxiety View 1: Anxiety Influences Depression

Due to anxiety, plenty of people also develop depression, this particular phenomenon could then result in feelings of self-pity and make the person feel worthless. Feelings of depression arise if anxiety exists because anxiety has a tendency to crush one’s spirit and make one feel emotionally spent. Moreover, one begins to see no chance out from the way he/she thinks and he/she has absolutely nothing to anticipate. Nonetheless, anxiety itself is depressing, and it is usual to get somewhat depressed if anxiety persists too long. Usually, however, sad emotions in anxious people are less intense compared to those found in people whom depression is the major problem. Alleviating primary anxiety often helps mild associated depression as well.

 Depression Anxiety View 2: Depression Causes Anxiety

 Individuals who are depressed usually feel anxious too. In agitated depression, their anxiousness is extreme and may be presented as an inability to sit still, constant pacing, hand wringing, picking at clothing or fingers and nails, lip biting, and tormented facial expressions that convey their inner turmoil. Difficulty making up one’s mind and other indications of anxiety can also emerge with depression.

 Depression Anxiety: Basic Treatment

 The best thing one can do about feelings of depression due to anxiety (or the other way around) is usually to tell him/herself that the feeling is only temporary.
If you are caught in this turmoil, do practice inviting new things into your day, do not let depression rule over. Start taking walks and go for a swim to shake off the undesirable feeling, this can greatly help you divert your attention into another foci. Do not permit yourself to wallow too much in a pool of negative emotions.

Nature and a natural diet  are fantastic mood lifters and they can also relieve feelings of anxiety. Going out for a run or a walk, or taking some daily exercise is better than sitting at home brooding about how depressed you feel. Exercise in itself emits endorphins, which are great for elating the mood, and it can also burn off all those stress chemicals built up during the day.

More importantly, if what you are experiencing has been going on for quite some time - then do not hesitate to ask for help. Seek professional help to assess the current situation, and ask for support from family and friends. Although this situation is but normal, however, when depression anxiety is left untreated, it can result to a more serious detriment to the body.


One Year Free Web-hosting Giveaway!

Free...Free?Ahh, Free!

Does Gellie of the "So Gelleesh" blog possess ESP powers? How did she know I neeeeeed to have a web-hosting site for this (Chopstick Lady) blog I've just recently given birth to? Yeah, I know you're thinking the same thing too! Apparently, I think I'm not the one who needs such free service - that's why I'm sharing the scoop!

So Gelleesh = So Genuine

"So Gelleesh" is one of the blogs that I follow. I like the theme of the blog (beauty and fashion), the simple words that the author uses for her posts, and the fluent and non-exaggerated flow of her style ideas. In other words, I find So Gelleesh a blog that reflects everyday life - the typical events that occur in the life of a NORMAL individual fashionista. I find her blog so true to her personality because Gellie is so bold and straightforward when it comes to her fashion preference. You better check her out.

Free Web Hosting Giveaway

Okay, 'nuff for the praises. Gellie might think I'm giving praises to enhance my winning chances (duh, as if it'll help?Winners win by random). Anyway, I'll write more about So Gelleesh in my future BOTW (Blog of the Week) posts so you can wait for that. As of this time I want you all to focus on her blog giveaway - a free web-hosting for one whole year!

Yes, you read it right. That'll be a for the next 365 days. Isn't that lovely, bloggers/blogger-wannabes (like me)??? If you're interested in joining this giveaway contest, then don't laze around! Free gifts don't just fall from the sky! Exercise your digits and find your way through So Gelleesh's blog.
 I joined too. Goodluck!

BOTW: Budget Fashionista

BOTW = Blog of the Week

Hello, friends! Meet The Budget Fashionista, a beauty and fashion site that can instantly become your bestfriend!

The Budget Fashionista

Owner: Kathryn Finney

I came across this site when I was scouting for resources for one of my cosmetic entries, the "Yes Girl, Make-ups Expire." Although the site's over-all appearance and format is simple (just a white background and sporadic pictures), my peepers instantly gave it attention because it looks very classy. I think that The Budget Fashionista is a rather gigantic girl-site already (it has a book, by the way) - and so I won't be surprised why this online space is so well-pulled together.

Why you must visit it:

  • Budget Fashionista will teach you how to become beautiful while keeping your wallet intact

  • It is a one-stop place for all things you need to know regarding beauty, fashion, shopping, steals, and deals

  • You'll get the latest scoop about celebrity fashion styles

  • It provides heavenly tips for clueless femmes about using make-up and creating a look

  • You'll be updated about fashion trends - what's hot, and what's not!

  • The page is clean, there aren't too many (or humongous) ads grazing the whole screen

  • It shouts girl power!

The Drawbacks:

  • Deals posted are only for US-based consumers (sigh)

  • It caters more to mature young/old adults - young teens can't relate to some posts that much

Most favorite category: Celebrity Look for Less

chopstick lady blog of the week

Least favorite category: Online Sample Sales

(because I can't avail of it)

chopstick lady blog of the week

Chopstick Lady's Rating: Subscription Magnet

How about you?

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NaBloPoMo Prompt: When you are writing, do you prefer to use a pen or a computer?

I use both. I guess either a pen or a computer extends a helping hand to a writer. However, each one has its own bull's eye and misses too. For instance, a pen is much more readily available than a computer. It costs nothing to use, spending only the writer's own energy. On the other hand, a computer is a more advanced companion that can serve as your editor too. However, if I will have to choose just one, I'd go for the techie assistant. Yes, the humble pen is a lot mightier in many ways, but can it alert you of a wrong spelling? Let you browse resources? Make you delete without wasting ink? Help you submit a flawless work? I bet not.

Besides, we should all save paper!

How about you, what's your pick?

David Oscarson - Pierrot Pierrette


Computer Keyboard

Yes Girl, Make-ups Expire

“Unopened, well-formulated cosmetics can remain stable for a couple of years at room temperature, but the clock starts once you bring a product home and open it. When air hits the formula, certain ingredients start to oxidize and degrade."
-Ni’Kita Wilson, cosmetic chemist, Cosmetech Laboratories, Fairfield, NJ
Even if THAT make-up came with a hefty price tag, you can do nothing but toss it out once it hits the D-line and starts to look like - well, not the way you bought it. Yes, make-ups have expiration dates and you have to be on guard whether what you're using is way past its shelf life.

Lipstick and Lipgloss

Rows of lipstick
Image via Wikipedia

Shelf Life: 1-2 years

Lip talk: Lipsticks contain water, an element that promotes bacterial growth. After two years, you need to throw it out of your purse.


Lipstick used to make a symbolic kiss.
Image via Wikipedia

Shelf Life: 2 years or more

Shape your lips: Lipliners last a little longer because a new, clean surface comes out whenever you sharpen it. Just do take note that you have to sanitize your cosmetic sharpener too before using! 

Face Make-up

Face make

Shelf Life: 6 months (liquid), 2 years (powder)

Retouch: A liquid foundation is more likely to catch germs because of the way it is used. Frequent dipping of your brush or fingers to the foundation transfers bacteria. Aside from cleanliness issues, foundations also become uneven if applied when they're already expired. Powder foundations last longer because they have no water content. However, if the powder contains aloe or jojoba, it becomes hard and crumbles after a long time. Another piece of advice too - use a clean sponge for your powder or cake foundation. 


2 woodless graphite pencils in plastic sheaths...

 Shelf Life: 3 months (liquid), 6 months (pencil)

Beautiful eyes: Liquid eyeliners are stored in bottles that are dark and wet - the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive and multiply. On the other hand, pencil eyeliners (like pencil lipliners) have more shelf life than liquid ones because a new surface comes out whenever you sharpen it.

Eye Shadow

Eye shadow
Image by kurafire via Flickr

Shelf Life: 6 months (cream), 2 years (powder)

Add some color: A powder eye-shadow lasts longer because it contains no water as compared to the cream one. However, if you did wet a powder shadow, you need to toss it out post six months too. Plus, if its shade fades when applied, it's game over. 

Woman applying make-up. Canon 5D Mark II Sigma...
Image via Wikipedia


Shelf Life: 3 months

Lengthen your lashes: Just like liquid eyeliners, mascara tubes serve as sanctuaries for bacteria. Cristina Bartolucci (make-up artist) says that to prevent drying-out your mascara fast, don't pump its wand. Instead, draw it out in a twisting motion.

Remind yourself:

With all the work to do and busy life to live, who would care much about remembering a make-up's demise? Keeping track of your make-up's shelf life can be difficult - yet you can always be resourceful. Keep a journal or put a small expiration date label on your cosmetic using a masking tape. If you want, you can be extra creative by printing girly stickers (with the expiration dates) - you're not just doing yourself a favor but you're also prettifying your beauty arsenal! 

If you're the techie kind of gal, you can use the help of technology by using a Cosmetic Calculator. It's a program that reveals the expiration date of a cosmetic using its batch code or lot number.

It's always heart-breaking to throw something you know is precious like your favorite make up. But life's like that. No matter how important a thing is to us, when it's time to let it go - let it go!

Good thing though, when it comes to cosmetics you can always buy a new one or find something better than the one you threw away. Save yourself from all infections, allergies, and skin diseases - know when to throw your make-up, girl!

Don't forget: You can be a Scrooge for items that expire easily, but do invest big in make-ups that last longer. Moreover, do not settle for "extremely cheap" make-ups just for the reason that you're gonna toss it out anyway. Remember, you put make-ups on your FACE - a beautiful one deserves nothing but the best.

Topic source: Good Housekeeping